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Shire House Farm

Rosemary Roll-On 10mL

Rosemary Roll-On 10mL

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Our rosemary roll-on bottles are wonderful for invigorating the mind. With a familiar, aromatic scent, the roll-on style provides just the right amount to apply to your skin. Over your temples or neck, the essential oil can improve brain function. With its antibacterial qualities, it can also improve skin health. 

  • Roll on your neck, temples & wrists
  • Uplifting rosemary for mind health
  • Compact bottle to keep with you
  • 100% natural & sustainable product
  • Australian made & produced

Ingredients: Rosemary essential oil and extra virgin olive oil

Features: Roll ball designed to control the amount that comes out, so the product will last longer. Organically grown, locally produced & packed, 100% Australian owned, low to no waste with recyclable bottle.

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