About Us

Family photo of Shire House Farm owners

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the Bellarine, where Shire House Farm is located, the Wathaurong, and the years spent cultivating the flora and fauna. We feel lucky to be able to share a small part in the long history of the land, and we pay our respects to the elders past, present and emerging.


Inspiration of the Shire House name tying back to some happy years in the UK, our own family has a strong connection to the land, and can trace our history on the Bellarine back to the 1850’s. We are happy to share the reasons why we stayed if you come for a visit.


The land that is the centrepiece of the Shire House Farm story is a family farm. A long history of heavy grazing means that the land needs a lot of attention, however the range of volcanic and sandy soils means that with a bit of hard work the results are starting to show, restoring our faith in the dirt.


Taking a lead from what is popular with the local birds and bees, our botanticals have been selected from a range of endemic natives and well known botanical imports based on scent profile and ability to handle the changeable climatic conditions, and general water sensitivity. This means that we have some surprises in amongst the usual suspects.


Running these products through our still, using some age old recipes and some modern know how, has enabled us to blend and create a range of scents unique to the Bellarine, reflecting the areas characteristics.


Our botanicals are individually noted for their therapeutic and sensory properties, and the product range that we currently have under development is being carefully blended and curated to capture the best of these essences. 

Our entire approach is based on a sustainable ethos and organic principles. We want to be able to provide people with confidence in our products by offering a tangibility which means that they can touch, feel and experience the plants, before they make their way into our unique blend of products. 

We are still on a steep learning curve, and not yet fully open, but if you see us in the field we are always happy for a chat over the fence. Also you can sign up to our mailing list (see the bottom of each page) and social media feeds (@shirehousefarm) to be kept up to date on the grand opening dates.