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Rosemary: Culinary That Packs A Punch

Rosemary, with its delicate needle-like leaves and aromatic fragrance, is a popular herb, not only in culinary dishes but also in holistic remedies. Shire House Farm’s rosemary is organically grown, receives natural rainfall, and is fed organic fertiliser. These things combined contribute to plant health and optimum quality when harvested at the right time.

When harvesting for culinary purposes, we are lucky to be able to use our plants in a variety of ways. We cut sprigs to infuse in extra virgin olive oil, creating a flavoursome oil that can be used in  a large variety of dishes. Extra virgin olive oil is an amazing, natural ingredient for your cupboard, but take it a step further and have a rosemary flavoured oil and you’ll be adding a boost.

A bottle of olive oil next to an oil filled dish and some rosemary leaves in front. Resting on a wooden chopping board with chopping boards behind

We pick the rosemary at the right time and let it rest in the olive oil for a couple of weeks. This allows the oil to soak up the rosemary flavour. We use stainless steel drums for the infusion, so we’re free to infuse over and over without the need for plastic drums. Once the infusion is done, we put the rosemary foliage in the compost and/or worm farm. Worms don’t mind the oil and the rosemary breaks down over time. Therefore there’s absolutely no waste in the whole process.

Then, you get the benefit of drizzling it on your food! Roast meat and potatoes, pasta, noodles or salad for a natural zest. Pour some in a dish and dip quality pull apart bread for a snack. Drizzle over sliced bread, with tomatoes and cheese. Pour into a pip removed avocado half and there’s a healthy snack. 

A ceramic dukkah dish filled with salt and oil. Surrounded by salt jar, olive oil bottle and a plate of bread, all resting on a wooden surface

Extra virgin olive oil is a good source of vitamin E and vitamin K, avocados are also a good source of vitamin K. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, keeping your immune system, vision and skin healthy. Vitamin K helps build the protein that is needed for blood clotting, and, binding calcium in bones. So both vitamins are quite important. 

Another wonderful way to involve rosemary is as a dried herb. We blend our dried and ground rosemary with Murray River Salt’s gourmet pink flakes for an eye widening ‘oh wow’ flavour. Similar to our infused olive oil, our rosemary salt is so versatile and can be used in equal measure. 

When I make roasted potatoes, I always use rosemary salt. And the general response is our children running downstairs from their rooms and calling out on their way down ‘are we having rosemary potatoes again?!’ They love it. And they often sprinkle a little more once the food is on their plate. Sprinkled on bacon and eggs, salads, dipped in after an olive oil dip with bread, the combined taste is SO good. There’s plain salt, then there’s rosemary salt, and whether you’re a foodie or not, it’s super tasty.

Oven dish with roasted potatoes and a carving knife and fork resting on it

Salt in our diet is important, as it maintains proper balance of water and minerals. It also relates to muscle function. It bodes well though, as with most things, to consume in moderation. A sprinkle, rather than a clump. Dried rosemary is a wonderful herb for flavour as well as providing health benefits. Known to improve memory health, and support the circulatory and nervous system. It also aids the immune system to fight off infections. So our rosemary salt is good for you!!!

Basket full of round tins with a branded label on them

With all of the above taken into account, health benefits and simplicity of a food source etc, it’s also good to know these products are created right here in Victoria, Australia. No planes involved. No chemicals to try and produce more prolific ingredients or preserve for longer. Just natural ingredients, so when you buy them, start using them straight away and enjoy them!! We are a family owned and operated business. So when you buy our products, you’re supporting a family, you’re supporting a local project and an environmentally friendly, sustainable concept.

Rows of rosemary shrubs

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