New shoots on a lavender plant

BLOOM! When Spring Is In The Air

When spring comes around each year, many people feel an invigorating sense of life and joy.

It might be noticing the first blossom trees, and your garden and surrounds are sprouting. Then follow the floral aromas in the breeze. And of course, when our plants start providing wonderful produce, be it visual and aromatic or edible.

Lavender sits dormant in the winter months. It rests and focuses on ground work – its root growth. So when spring comes around, it can put all its energy into new shoots and developing new buds and flowers, and the colours and aromas that we get to enjoy. The bees also thrive and get to work. Collecting for the Queen bee, pollinating and keeping our plant life alive and reproductive. They are so important.

A bee on a lavender flower

Spring jobs

After pruning late winter, it’s a good idea to feed your plants. When the days are longer and the air is warmer, plants will have a really good chance to not only grow, but thrive and be fruitful. We have had a lot of rain in Victoria this season, but when it is time to water your garden, best to water early in the morning or late in the evening. We like to water our nursery early morning, as it gives the plants a chance to soak up with water, and help them to be more tolerant with the days breeze and sun, particularly on hot days. Lavender also likes good air flow, to reduce the chance of mildew.

Some ideas for your garden – get some potting mix and repurpose a yoghurt or ice cream tub, and plant some seeds. Poke a few holes in the bottom of the tub for good drainage, herbs are easily kept outside or even on the windowsill if space is precious.

It’s also a good idea to take cuttings. Propagating can be easy and rather satisfying when you see them taking root and growing. If you are planting any favourites, autumn and spring are the best times of year to do this. In autumn the ground is still warm from summer, and a higher chance of rainfall. Spring planting is also advisable, with warmer days, giving an established seedling or plant the chance to settle their roots in the ground before hot days and lower rainfall is expected.

Flowering lavender

If you’re looking for good quality garden tools, we recommend Australian made tools by Garden Tools Australia. We enjoy using them for their design and durability quality, and because they are made right here in Australia.

A garden fork in the dirt

It can also be a good idea to check in with your local landcare to see if they have any recommendations for your area, depending on what you are trying to achieve for your garden. When we checked in with ours, we were provided with a wonderful insight on what historically grew in the area and what natives would thrive in our soil and weather conditions.

Another good aspect of spring is the opportunity to take photos. Have you ever taken photos of nature? Sometimes it can be surprising what you see, how much is going on and the insects that are around.

Take your time and enjoy nature.

A dragonfly on a lavender bud

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