Pelargonium Crispum ‘Lemon Crisp’ – sold out

Pelargonium Crispum ‘Lemon Crisp’ – sold out


Pelargoniums have a range of scents, this one is ‘Lemon Crisp’ and the aroma is delightful. A versatile variety with its use in the garden attracting bees, buttterflies and dragonflies, also a culinary delight! Lemon Crisp can be used in various dishes. The delicate pale pink flowers are edible and can go on cakes for icing decoration, in salads and in teas. The leaves can also be used in tea, and be stored in sugar for a week or so to create a lemon syrup for baking. Pelargonium leaf tea can have health benefits such as calming the nerves, relieving inflammation and improving the immune system. In the garden these pelargoniums are hardy plants and enjoy the low maintenance of annual pruning and feeding, growing up to 1m (h) x 1m (w).





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